Euglena glycomics

 Euglena expresses a wide range of carbohydrate-active enzymes, suggesting an unexpectedly high capacity for the synthesis of complex carbohydrates for a single-celled organism. Aside from the enzymes involved in the synthesis of the β-glucan storage polysaccharide (paramylon) and for the synthesis of N-glycans, there are many enzymes related to those involved in plant cell wall biosynthesis. Analysis of the sugar nucleotide pool showed that there are the substrates necessary for synthesis of complex polysaccharides. Lectin-and antibody-based profiling of whole cells and extracted carbohydrates shows a complex galactan, xylan and aminosugar based surface. Work is ongoing to characterise the nature of the complex polysaccharides produced by these cells.


Work published on Euglena glycomics

This was a study on the structural characterisation of a range of Euglena glycans, including protein N-glycans and surface glycans.

This work was in identifying novel activiteis present in euglena microsomes for hte synthesis of unusual carbohydrate moieties