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Algal Natural Products

Algae are well known to make complex natural products, notable when they are released during a harmful algal bloom. They also encode the capacity for the synthesis of many as yet undiscovered compounds in their genomes. In order to investigate the molecules they maker, we are using high throughput chemoinformatic strategies to discover these new compounds. This involves the growth of a wide range of algae, simple extraction of the cultures and LCMS2. The data is analysed using the GNPS pipeline to compare the metabolites produced among the different samples and to compare to the libraries of known compounds. Using all of this information we can prioritise new compounds produced by these algae for purification and structure elucidation. We are currently applying this strategy to investigating the natural products made by euglenoid algae.


Work published on the algal natural products

This is the original paper on the GNPS technique which we use in our algal natural products work.

IN this work we optimised the technique for highthroughput against a collection of bacterial cells.

In this paper we took a range of techniques which have been developed for the study of natural products in bacteria and fungi and applied them to algae.