Soft landing in Nottingham

I've now arrived in Nottingham and started to set up my lab in the School of Chemistry. It was a pleasant surprise to find a computer already set up in my office, with all logons working. To start with. After a few calls to the IT helpdesk, things seem to have settled down, but still waiting on access to the ordering system. Everyone is being helpful and getting things for me. Also I can get things from the stored here or in the medical school.

I have a new masters student, Tom, who is beavering away in the lab, trying to interpret my strange sigils and slightly lab stained protocols. He will be looking at some of the more amenable and axenic strains of Euglena, growing under different conditions. I think when he cam in the lab to find a bag of soil from the garden centre as a key ingredient may have thrown him.

For now, I am concentrating on the administration and more computer based work. I will be ordering in some more diverse algae soon and then I can start the real work of my fellowship. I am also making some interesting contacts around the campus, so there may be opportunities to explore more diverse and madder ideas.

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