So, its been one year since I joined the University of Nottingham and what a year its been! I have started working in the lab again a couple of days a week and the algae have recovered from their involuntary hibernation. I have got samples to extract and some MS to run, so hopefully back to generating data soon.

More importantly I have started expanding my group. First off, Eve Roxborough has joined me as a PhD student. She will be working on the algal natural products as much as we can under current restrictions. However, there are plenty of things for her to be getting on with and training sessions, so no real time lost. I have also got three final year project students who will be working with me. This semester they are doing literature reviews and then I need to have short projects ready that they can pick up after Christmas, assuming we are all allowed in the lab together by then.

In these complicated times, I am just glad I have a well supported job with clear guidelines as to how to work safe. Roll on another year.

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